Declaring Candidacy for Election at the 2020 AIA National Convention/Conference on Architecture

The following has been sent out to Chapter Presidents by the AIA Institute Secretary, Jason Winters, AIA to inform the membership that declarations of candidacy ore being accepted.

“In accordance with Section 6.412 of the AIA Rules of the Board, “[a]ny Architect member in good standing may declare candidacy for national office as an elected officer of the Institute. Any individual eligible under the Bylaws for selection as an at-large Director by the delegates at convention may declare candidacy for that office. A member or other individual becomes a candidate, and therefore subject to these campaign rules, by announcing candidacy at the Board of Directors annual meeting or by notifying the Institute Secretary in writing, indicating the office sought.”

Please notify me prior to the joint meeting of the Board and Strategic Council on Wednesday, December 11, 2019, if you intend to declare yourself a candidate for the office of:

• 2021 First Vice President/2022 President-elect, or

• 2021-22 Institute Secretary, or

• 2021-23 At-large Director on the Institute Board of Directors

I will present a list of declared candidates to the Board of Directors and Strategic Council at the joint meeting on Wednesday afternoon, December 11, and would like to have as complete a list as possible before then. These elections will take place at the 2020 AIA National Convention/Conference on Architecture in Los Angeles.

At the 2020 Grassroots Conference in New Orleans, candidates will have an opportunity to engage with attendees. More information on this will be provided to the declared candidates at a later date.

Each declared candidate must provide his/her photo and statement of philosophy, which will be provided to 2020 Grassroots attendees. That same material will also appear in the 2020 AIA National Convention Official Delegate Information Booklet (also known as “the Yellow Book”). The deadline for this submittal is January 31, 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact me or AIA General Counsel Jay Stephens at; or Pam Day, Managing Director, Governance Administration, at We are prepared to answer any questions on process, to help avoid any possibility of a rule violation that could jeopardize your candidacy.

A detailed packet of information will be emailed to the declared candidates following the December 2019 Governance Week. The deadline for declaring one’s candidacy is 5:00pm ET, Friday, March 13, 2020.”