2019 Bend Design Charrettes Update

AIA Bend Section has been following the progress made by the City of Bend Urban Renewal Advisory Board and the City of Bend Transportation Plan 2040. The major thrust of the URAB is to define a redevelopment area boundary that will provide community project funds through property tax revenue incremental increases as new development replaces derelict and under-utilized properties within the city core.  The Transportation Plan 2040 seeks to define new connections across Bend for Public Transit as well as Pedestrian and Bicycle routes that are safe and pleasant to use.

AIA Bend is leading its members and other industry professionals in designing new Transportation links and adjacent Community Open-spaces from the old Bend Central District to Downtown Bend and beyond as the first critical planning piece in launching new Bend Urban Redevelopment District investments. October 8th will be their next (3rd) Design Charrette, and will focus on completing the Hawthorne Avenue Pedestrian and Bicycle path under the Railway and Bend Parkway, envisioning safe on-grade, landscape-enhanced multimodal intersections, and rethinking the design of the existing Greenwood Ave. underpass.

The efforts and results from the AIA Bend Design Charrettes will be presented at the 2019 Bend Design Conference (October 23-26) where seminar attendees will be able to prioritize our proposals, critique our solutions, and provide detail ideas and refinements from new prospectives.