AIA Eugene Award Programs

The purpose of the Design Awards Program is to celebrate achievements in design excellence by member firms; to generate greater public interest in architecture; and to honor the architects, clients and consultants who work together to enhance our built environment. 

Sponsored in collaboration with the Willamette Valley Section of ASLA, these awards aim to educate and inspire our fellow citizens by showcasing architecture, interiors and landscape architecture projects created within the Eugene Section area by AIA or ASLA members. The program demonstrates to the public the role of the architectural profession in enhancing the built environment. 

Ancillary to the People's Choice Awards are the Colleague's Choice Awards. This voting process is only open to AIA or ASLA members and allows professional architects and landscape architects to vote on which of their peers' projects are most worthy of recognition. 

Previously called the Craftsmanship Awards, these awards give special recognition to those individuals in the building industry who have mastered the ideals of their craft on a particular project or over the course of their careers. In appreciation of the contractors, suppliers, manufacturer's representatives, and other industry individuals we work with year after year on our projects, for their superior skills and attentive effort, we have honored the most deserving of these individuals with the presentation of a Craftsmanship Award.