AIA Oregon Disaster Assistance Coordinators Needed

AIA Oregon is looking for volunteers to lead AIA disaster assistance efforts in our state as part of a national program of AIA involvement in disaster preparedness and response. Ideally this role will be filled by co-coordinators to provide redundancy, continuity and a sharing of responsibilities. A number of Oregon architects have been involved in various aspects of this effort in the past and are willing to help new volunteers get up to speed and maintain the program.

If this sounds interesting and you want to learn more, view the Roles and Responsibilities in the AIA State Disaster Assistance Program document and talk to John Blumthal, FAIA, (503.572.2464) about the program.

AIA is hosting a “Bootcamp” training session to help new State Coordinators get up to speed on Tuesday, October 22, 2019, in Washington, D.C., and there is a stipend available for Oregon to be represented.